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A personal blog theme for Ghost. Styled in TailwindCSS.



  • Supports Ghost Custom Settings so common theme alterations can be customised from Ghost Admin. This includes:
    • Color scheme (light, dark and system - system is default)
    • Toggle to show navigation, promo link, header rotation, social links and reading time on posts
    • Change the type of date shown on a post (Created at or Updated at - Created at is default)
    • Customise text for newsletter CTA on post page
  • Redesigned post page with centered header and reading time


  • Tailwind upgraded to v3.0 to use the new @tailwindcss/typography plugin for better dark mode support
  • Improved dark mode look and feel


  • yarn zip or npm zip now removes local git repository
  • Added assets/build directory to improve performance


  • initial commit